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Parking Violation Information and Payment

At our parking facility, we have a company policy in place regarding parking violations for semi trucks that result in booting. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with this policy:

Unauthorized Parking: Semi trucks found parked in unauthorized areas, such as designated spaces for smaller vehicles or restricted zones, will be considered in violation of our parking policy.


Overstaying Time Limit: If a semi truck exceeds the allowed parking duration without prior authorization, it will be considered in violation of our parking policy. We understand that circumstances may arise, and if additional time is needed, please contact our customer service to request an extension.


Non-Payment: Failure to pay the required parking fees or abide by the payment terms specified for monthly parking subscriptions will be considered a violation of our policy.

Clear Display of Permits: All semi trucks utilizing our parking facility must clearly display the appropriate permits or identification provided by our company. Failure to display or properly present the required documentation will be considered a violation of our policy. (Pertains to only monthly parking)

Consequences of Violation: In the event of a parking violation, specifically pertaining to semi trucks, we reserve the right to take appropriate action, including the application of a wheel boot to immobilize the vehicle. The boot will be installed to prevent further movement until the violation is resolved.

Attempting to Remove or Break the Boot: Tampering with or attempting to remove the boot without proper authorization is strictly prohibited. Any such action will result in additional consequences, including but not limited to financial penalties and the involvement of law enforcement authorities.


To Remove the Boot: If a boot has been applied to your semi truck, please contact our customer service immediately. We will provide instructions on how to proceed, including the necessary steps to resolve the violation, make payment, and arrange for the proper removal of the boot.


We kindly request all customers to comply with our parking policies to ensure a fair and efficient use of our facilities. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a safe and orderly parking environment for all.

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